Welcome to our “Why should you give a @#$% about” series! You are in for a fun and very illuminating ride. (You can add any word of your choice to replace @#$%, by the way!)

Here, we will talk about extremely important things that many tend to overlook or disregard in the tech world. Okay, let’s get to our first article without beating around the bush. Here’s a question. You want to create a mobile app which will be the next Snapchat or *insert a super successful app*; what should you do?

1. Coming up with a unique and useful idea!

– Good answer, but not good enough.

2. Getting a super skilled set of developers to seamlessly develop it!

– Slightly better, but still not good enough.

3. Making sure the user interface is clear, responsive and attractive!

– Nice. I like how you think.

4. All of the above!

– WINNER! Here’s a cookie.

Now the problem is that many people stop in the 2nd answer, not understanding the power of a great user interface. What you need to understand is that humans are visual beings, and we are attracted to visually appealing things, even if they don’t have a good substance. If good looks pairs with a great user experience, then you have hit the jackpot. I am sure you can apply this to many other situations in life too, ey? 😉

Coming back to the topic, let’s go into some in-depth details of why exactly you should care about implementing a proper UI design process when creating an app.

Building Trust

How many times have you looked at a shopping app and felt it wasn’t safe enough to give your bank details merely because of how it looks? The app might have the most secured payment gateway, and still if it falls short in UI department, the users are going to reject it in a heartbeat.

Developing a good user interface includes an intimate and personal understanding about your users. There is a clear and in-depth understanding of their lifestyles and what they expect behind a successful user interface.

The best way to approach this is to look at your app in the way your user would. What they would expect to have, how they would navigate, what they see and what they like to see should influence your design. When they see that your app is exactly what they needed to see, that is the moment they begin an emotional connection with your app, talking them a few steps into being a conversion.

Building an enjoyable experience

Who wants to do something that doesn’t look pretty?

Let me elaborate on that. The looks of your app plays a large part in the user experience. It is the visual element that grabs the attention, and pushes the user to explore and have an enjoyable experience. Even if you have made the app to be extremely responsive and perform seamlessly, a bad user interface makes the user discourage experiencing the full potential of a app.

Providing Efficiency

Live Streaming App Design

Live Streaming App Design

A clean and concise user interface means your user doesn’t get confused or lost within the functions you offer them. A good user interface makes the navigation and the whole user experience more efficient and convenient. The easier your user finds to go through your app, the more they will want to come back for it. Your users should feel at home in your UI, being able to see and move at ease despite of the way of the situation in which hey use your app.

The end line is that you cannot think of a successful mobile app without putting a considerable effort and time to designing the user interface. All the successful apps in the market have a clear, consistent, simple, well responsive user interface that looks damn good as well. Therefore, make sure you do give a f**k about UI!

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