Do you have an idea for the next Whatsapp? If you’re planning to turn your idea into the next big app, with 4.61 billion mobile users around the world, It’s not a bad idea !! With billions of mobile users and millions of apps in the store, remember you only get one shot, one opportunity to seize your target user’s attention. YOU better impress at first experience!!!

Sleepless nights, unpaid bills, box meals, relentless commitment on a startup are few of the things that you as a startup would apparently go through. Ending up with a crappy mobile app would be the last thing you ever want. It’s better late than never, if you’re developing an app or planning to, remember to avoid these common mistakes that most start-up makes, coz they can be costly and time-consuming. Money and time wait for no startups.

1.Not understanding your target audience

To sell any product, first, you need to know your customers. Yes, you might build the best app, yet if it doesn’t meet your target audience requirements it’s a FAIL! This is common mistake business owners make. Your customers are the users, so it’s critical to listen to your customers. Do some research and get an idea of what your customers want. That will help you create an app that your customers would use.

2.Adding too many features

There is an unspoken rule when building an app. Any guesses on what that is? The ignorant user must be able to use a mobile app without any instructions. So it’s important to make sure that you only include the most important features in your app, as too many features could even affect the user experience. Remember nobody wants an app that annoys the shit out of them.

3.Ignorance on the development cost

Talk to your mobile app developers and get an understanding of all the costs. Because sometimes these costs include app marketing, app development and UI design, and app maintenance. Having a right knowledge of the costs will help you estimate how much you’ll be spending.

4.Lack of a strategy! 

Have you seen mobile apps that have gone viral over the years? Trust us when we say this, never assume they went viral randomly. There is always going to be a well-planned strategy and execution behind them. Most of the developers skip on the strategy & regret later. With millions of apps in the market, you can’t afford to release your dream app just be available in the store. Have a long term strategy for the app on growth, development, and design will definitely make it a strong contender in the ring.

5. An app doesn’t always need to be an idea, it could also be a problem solver!

Any given mobile user has a very limited storage space for the apps on their devices, so remember only the important ones stay. So it is important to focus on the main issues that users have and then develop the app as for the need rather developing an app out of an idea. This way the apps will have a longer lifespan and a better demand!

6. Delay in execution!

Research is a necessity, but spending all your valuable time on just the research is not gonna get you anywhere. You never know, someone out there could almost release a beta version of the app that you have been planning months. So find the key functionalities that do the job, then build the app. Have a beta release so that you can get real-time feedback from your customers, and modify your app accordingly.

7. Failing to consider a better UI design and UX user-experience

I personally would be not using any app if it’s not quite simple to use. Yes! The main purpose of an app for me is to make my life easier and to solve my immediate problem for whatever reason I downloaded the app for. Most of the times users just get disappointed with apps just because the developers ignore the fundamentals of an app design or user- experience. So, never make this silly mistake with your app coz design and user-experience is integral to a winning app.

Remember the chance of getting your mobile app just the way you wanted on the first try is very low. Don’t jump to conclusions, do your research and try to avoid these mistakes. Eventually, you will get your app developed in time & well monetized.

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