If you know anything about startups and startup life, you know that it’s no joke and every single minute you spend is valuable. Information, feedbacks, advice from industry leads and thought leads are few other important attributes for startups and when you have a simple idea, validation is so important. So where do you get such valid information? Well, be thankful for the Internet, for various online communities and forums on different areas and topics. And there are many communities that can be found online that support and provide feedback for startups.

Whether you’re a designer, entrepreneur, coder, or just a curious reader, here are some of the best places to connect with and learn online.



Slack is built as a real-time messaging app for teams, Slack has become a great place for startup founders to hang out. Slack channels such as #startup by Startup Foundation, Online Geniuses and Founded X have a large network of entrepreneurs and founders that you can share startup notes with.

Startup Grind


Startup Grind is one of the largest startup organization from around the world where you can have discussions about your startup, ask questions and get open-minded feedback.



GrowthHackers is a community for everything and anything on startup growth, including all aspects such as social media marketing, blog, sales, e-commerce, etc. You can ask the community questions about the description of growth hacking and emerging and declining growth channels. If you’re looking to study growth studies of successes such as Etsy, Slack, and Spotify, GrowthHackers has them documented. You can have your mandatory AMA sessions with growth hacking gurus like Nir Eyal, James Altucher, and Peter Shankman.



This is especially valuable if your startup is in the tech, media or marketing categories.It is an amazing community of entrepreneurs and marketers, who go above and beyond to provide feedback, advice, and insights.

Product Hunt


Product Hunt is the ultimate destination for new and updated product launches. It doesn’t matter what your product is! It could be an app, website or physical good. The way the community has been curated and grown has led to extremely high-quality feedback and conversation about the posted products. Product Hunt is fantastic for both marketing and feedback for any new startup idea.



If you are looking for something different, FounderDating is your destination. FounderDating is a great tool for entrepreneurs to find a co-founder. FounderDating allows you to network with entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts and experts in different fields. In order to maintain the balance between business and technical talent, it only accepts a select group of people in the community. There is a nominal fee if you wish to get access to their online and offline network and discussions.



We all know Reddit as the front page of the internet, but it is surprisingly an incredibly useful community when it comes to startups. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for honest feedback on your latest app or learn from other entrepreneurs’ experiences, Reddit has a place for it all.Subreddits such as Side Projects and Startup allow you to access the startup community. If you’re already running a small business, consider checking out Small Business and Entrepreneur for solutions to problems you might face.

Moz Community


Getting your business on the front page of Google results for your industry might be the turning point of your business. And how do you get there? The Moz community just might be your best opportunity. You can join the Moz community as a beginner and become an expert yourself and help others as well.

Hacker News


Hacker News is one of the most leading news sites for tech and startups. It’s a great first stop if you just want to find out what the web development community is up to. And if you managed to land an app or blog post on the front page here it is a big deal.



Versioning helps you filter through engineering focused articles to find the information you want. According to the site’s founder Adam Roberts, “Versioning is aimed at busy developers, designers and web people who want to keep up-to-date with the wider web world without having to spend half their day clicking through feeds or browser tabs,”

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Getting honest relevant information and feedback for your idea and business can be tough. But these sites can be great resources for you to accomplish these tasks. Their feedback might even help you create a better product with the small idea you have. 

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