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Imagine living in one of your favorite artist’s studio, Imagine being able to hear a drop of life, an undiscovered symphony being made, an undisclosed thought, a melody, instruments luring in, a perfect balance being created. Being able to see great musicians seeking perfection, mixing & mastering to a final production. Jamwar, redefining music like never before.


User Experience

Jamwar is built on the foundation of uninterrupted real-time streaming. Streams are passively broadcasted giving the liberty for users to listen to their favorite artists as their day unfolds. Users are able to choose streams based on their location with a simple click.

App Design

We at Thiken created a whole set of unique interfaces and an icon based on music. A sleek and elegant design paired with harmonious creams and adhering blacks to create Jamwar’s style, because we think music is an integral part of human life.

The Result

“Jamwar is your ultimate tool to have an exclusive sneak-peek into the lives of your favorite artists. It gives the opportunity to go beyond the televised glamor of their lives and into the raw and authentic lives of your favorite celebrities from live-streaming in the backstage of concerts to what happens while they are on the road. It is the one stop for a live, uncut, transparent and exclusive look at musicians, music and beyond.”

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