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Headquartered in the Austin United States, Unnanu, is a platform which revolutionizes the age old recruitment industry. With the unemployment rate hitting 4.7% as of December 2016, Unnanu is the novel approach to connecting the right candidate and the companies which are looking for talents through a virtual platform. With Unnanu, the recruiters and the candidates could communicate and carry out the entire recruitment process via a single platform at their convenience. Our approach on Unnanu was to deliver an effective and a simple application, making the traditional recruitment process much faster.

User Experience

The platform includes mobile and web apps for opportunity seekers and businesses who are looking for talent. A wide variety of unique features such as video-based profiles, profile verification and more importantly a referral feature that enables anyone to be a virtual recruiter and earn an additional income. With our team of expertise, we have transformed a complex procedure into a simple, clean and a very interactive application that can be used by any regular user.

Unnanu offers users a range of useful features such as in-app messaging, offers, onboarding process and of course the ability to conduct interviews right within the app. Moreover, with the ability to compare new opportunities and offers side by side, the application allows you to make your next career move with confidence.


With extensive user testing on all available platforms using real users throughout the development stage, the final product is undoubtedly the best available in the market. Further with removing all the superfluous codes and keeping all the functionality of the original app, our expert developers delivered a lightning-fast product with a flawless experience.

The Result

Thiken converted what began as just an idea in the mind of a recruiting industry veteran to a platform that would disrupt the recruiting industry altogether.
“With Unnanu recruiting will never be the same”


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