Build wonders with US.

Ideas are fragile, they are unpredictable as if we never know when we would be getting them and how many. From a simple cart wheel to a communication satellite, ideas and innovations have changed the very nature of human existence. Yet Ideas and innovations are nothing but elusive imaginations without the right execution.

We are perfectionists, strategists, architects and designers who constantly work on transforming ideas into successful businesses and brining ideal solutions that makes a real difference. We help startups to execute and design their simple idea into fruitful businesses and also big brands in solving their challenges by the use of mobile technology.

  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • To play a part in changing the world for good by helping businesses and startups get to the next level, to grow, to achieve more and more. Build a company culture that values creativity and give the kenians a place to express themselves. To build products that'll make peoples' life better in someway.

  • Seeing our customers changing the world with what we build for them is the highest form of earthly pleasure we can achieve.

Our Values

  • Open communication
  • Be adventurous, creative and open minded
  • Fail fast
  • Strive for perfection
  • Take charge
  • Be responsible
  • Remember! Always choose quality over anything else
  • Shoot for the stars!

Our team!

Marvelous coders, astonishing designers and master strategists is what makes Thiken the best in what we do! Our team pools in a set of individuals whose expert knowledge, talents and hand on experience who turns simple ideas into amazing products that make a real difference.

Meet some of our people 

Pasindu Withanage
Pasindu Withanage
CEO & Cloud Expert
Pavithra Lamahewa
Pavithra Lamahewa
COO & Head of Design 
Kalith Kumasaru
Kalith Kumasaru
Chathura Malaviarachchi
Chathura Malaviarachchi
General Manager

Our reach

Beginning from Fargo and making our way to Los Angeles, New York, Boston to Colombo, we are expanding our service areas wider than before as ideas and problems are not limited by boundaries.

Thiken - Fargo, New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles

United States

Fargo, North Dakota

Main Branch

Minneapolis, Minnesota

New York, New York

Los Angeles, California

Why settle for average, when AMAZING is attainable.


The end look of an app or a product is what matters the most, as the design itself would deliver the message of a business to its customers, making the look and feel an important factor.

Having the best pool of designers, there is no doubt that we deliver the best UI/UX design in the entire Midwest region.

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Our developers build powerful, highly usable mobile apps that solve business problems, attract users, and reinforce big brands.

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Our team has a wealth of experience and talent in transforming a simple idea into a powerful tool that would make an absolute impact among its users.

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Unparalleled services

We are fully equipped to deliver first-class services from the initiation of a product development to after launch service that result in improved business efficiency, increased ROI cost-effectiveness, risk mitigation for our clients, not to speak of transparency and predictability that are guaranteed by default.

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