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Each year 24% of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on a snowy, slushy or icy pavement in the US, and 15% happens during the snowfall counting up to 1,500 fatalities. A wise advice for any who considering traveling on a heavy snowy day is to catch a bus rather taking their own ride.

If you are to catch a bus, just imagine walking to a bus stop on a frigid day in January, wouldn’t that be miserable? Even for a North Dakota! Well, the Thiken founders found it downright unbearable, hence Mtracker came to life. A real-time mobile app that shows the arrival time of a bus reducing the waiting time for a passenger outside.

User Experience

We conveyed a great effort to create a truly modern, straight forward design.

Integrating with real Time data of all available bus routes, we got you covered at any bus stop or route, at your fingertips.

Sketching a series of ideas, which evolved into a variety of wireframes. Thiken’s product & design team approach resulted in an app with a much advanced yet simple navigation. With this app, users can enter their planned route and receive a push notification when the bus is close to their stop.


Bus Tracker - Fargo/Moorhead on Behance


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