From an idea to reality

Ideas are dime a dozen. What separates a good idea from a million dollar idea is execution. Building an app is not about just writing code and making it available at the app stores for download. You need to have a proper strategy as to how you are going to approach the raw idea that you have in your head.


Our team of expert strategist can help you validate, stress test and polish out your idea, whether it be a fully fleshed-out concept or a 30 second elevator pitch. We want to know why your idea is going to be successful and why people would use it. At this stage we've completely overhauled a bunch of business plans & pivoted many.

How it works

We take your initial idea and merge it with the experience and expertise our team has on startups, businesses and mobile. We've seen what works, we've seen what doesn't and we also have this super human ability of predict the future ;)

Once we all agree on and finalize the general direction of the app, our team of strategists finalizes the feature set and provides you with a complete document that's written in plain English. Time invested in strategy is time well spent because a few minutes in strategy stage could translate to a few hours in design and weeks in development.


Feature set document is the foundation of your app. It's what designers are going to use to come up with sketches, wireframes and designs in the design stage and it's what developers use has the app handbook for coding. It's the basic building block for all things that are going to follow.

What you get?
Feature Set Document


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