Starting a Start-up

What, When, Where, With Whom and How ? Now that you know what a start-up…

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Silicon Valley

What really is a Startup anyway?

The term “Startup” has been around popping up frequently in media for the past few…

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Google to Revolutionize Mobile Web Browsing with “Instant Apps”

Google displayed its ever innovative and daring vision for the coming year by introducing a…

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Why Should Your Business Go Mobile?

Here’s a challenge, Try keeping your mobile locked away where you can’t reach it for…

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Drawing the Line Between Reality and Virtual Reality

The concept of Virtual Reality (VR) was once restricted to the fantasy, sci-fi world of…

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VR One.956x754

VR in Every Day Life?

To date we have tended to associate Virtual Reality (VR) primarily with leisure activities such…

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Augmented & Virtual Reality

Today, it’s all about keeping up with technology that is taking ground-breaking strides at a…

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Thiken Dev Office


And so Thiken joins the Blogosphere!! We’re excited to share, learn, discover, exchange, discuss ……

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